Accelerate the development of therapeutic agents for new coronavirus infections through joint research with LinkBio Co. Ltd. Adopted for AMED program.

Curreio, Inc., which conducts structure-based drug discovery specialized in Cryo-EM, analyzes the structural information of the complex of the target protein and DNA aptamer, with the aim of searching for therapeutic drug candidate molecules for new coronavirus infections (hereinafter “COVID-19”). We are pleased to inform you that we have signed a joint research agreement with LinkBIO Co. Ltd.

Curreio as a research and development representative organization has been jointly adopted with LinkBIO for “2020 Research Project for Promotion of Innovative Drug Development for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases (New Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19)” program by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).

The development of therapeutic agents and vaccines for COVID-19 is progressing rapidly at the world level. We are planning to identify therapeutic drug candidate molecules for the new coronavirus by using structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) using Cryo-EM.

In searching for therapeutic drug candidate molecules, we believe that there is great potential for DNA aptamer, which has the property of flexibly binding to target molecules, in identifying drug discovery pockets that are not yet known. LinkBIO has the technology to select aptamers more selectively and efficiently by the innovative SELEX method. In combination with the world’s highest level structural analysis technology by Curreio,we aim for an unprecedented approach to new drug discovery.

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