Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

 VP / Chief Scientific Officer


– Keio University Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Master’s Program
– Waseda University / Department of Applied Chemistry / Engaged in Total Synthesis of Nat ural Materials Doctor of Engineering
– Sankyo Co., Ltd. Active Substance Research Institute, Chemistry Research Institute / Engaged in “Exploratory research on new sugar-based drugs” During this time, found an anti-influenza drug, Inavir.
– Dispatched from Glycomed (San Francisco) / Sankyo Co., Ltd. in the United States for joint research in search of cell adhesion inhibitors.
– Sankyo Pharma Research Institute (San Diego), USA / Engaged in information gathering a nd analysis of drug discovery trends in the US, business development such as joint research with bio-ventures and academia, and VC work
– Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. Project Promotion Department / In charge of project manager for anti-influenza drug Inavir
– Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. Medicinal Chemistry Research Institute / Management of Medicinal Chemistry Research in the fields of initial exploratory research, cancer, cardiovascular, and immune diseases as the director of the research institute
– DDaiichi Sankyo India Pharma CEO / Management of an Indian corporation for research and development consisting of 160 people
– Daiichi Sankyo Inc. (New Jersey), Head of ADC alliance management / Engaged in Alliance Management for the Development of ADC (antibody-Drug Conjugate) Resident in the US and India for a total of 9 years
– Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. Research Management Department / New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Research and Development Task Force Leader