Announcement of Series A Funding

We have closed a third-party allotment of approximately 310 million yen to the Beyond Next Ventures No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership, Ono Venture Investment, Inc. Asahi Kasei Pharma Co., Ltd. and Gemseki Investment Limited Partnership.

(Investor names are in no particular order, the same applies below)

Ongoing, we will further accelerate the drug discovery business utilizing structural analysis by Cryo-EM, and strive to create better drugs both in-house and with partner companies.


Purpose of financing

Not only small molecule drugs, but the diversification of modalities, especially medium molecule drugs represented by cyclic peptides, antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs, etc. has progressed in recent years. Along with this, we see the transformation of drug discovery, such as the development of new modalities including gene therapy, etc.

Our Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) using a Cryo-EM, has a unique concept and technology, and it is being highly expected as a new drug discovery platform.
We have raised funds to expand and accelerate our diverse and innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing business using this method. As a result, we will establish a business structure that can respond appropriately and flexibly to the recent intensifying drug discovery paradigm shift.


Usage of fund

Through Series A funding, we aim to develop expansion of In-house drug discovery business, partnering (joint research drug discovery) business, and fundamental research program to further utilize Cryo-EM structural analysis technology for further drug discovery. In order to meet our goal, we will strengthen investment in facilities and people.



Beyond Next Ventures No. 2 Investment Limited Partnership (Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd.), Ono Venture Investment, Inc, Asahi Kasei Pharma Co., Ltd., Gemseki Investment Limited Partnership (Gemseki Inc.)